In all our products, we have applied procedures and technologies which have allowed us to develop products of the highest precision, quality and consistency which guarantee a faithful and natural sound reproduction.


Below we explain some of these processes in a simple and understandable way to explain why HULGICHAUDIO speakers are considered HI-END products, as was recently reflected when winning the title to the "BEST SOUND  OVERALL" of the Melbourne International HI-Fi show 2017.

LDBT (Low Diffraction Baffle Technology)
HULGICHAUDIO top loudspeaker models Astor and Ella MkII uses a
“Low Diffraction Baffle” design technology for an optimized frequency response.
LDB technology ensures a smooth frequency response, not only on-axis, but also off-axis over a wide area as well as both horizontally and vertically.


The LDBT technology helps improving the imaging and gives a larger soundstage compared to a more conventional flat baffle shaped loudspeaker enclosure.


With LDBT technology the loudspeaker enclosure simply disappears and you are enveloped in a generous enjoyable soundstage and a non-fatiguing sound experience.




















CST (Coherent Sound Technology)

All HULGICHAUDIO loudspeakers are developed according to the “Coherent Sound Technology” principles.  This ensures a coherent sounding loudspeaker where all drivers simply naturally melt together as one source point of sound.


The CST includes the following 3 features:



DTA (Driver Time Alignment)

The loudspeaker drivers, e.g. a mid-woofer and tweeter radiates from different points, both vertically and in depth. This relative driver acoustical center off-set needs to be corrected for in the cross-over design and sometimes in the enclosure design as well, by e.g. tilting the loudspeaker baffle backwards a few degrees.


This ensures that the drivers are time aligned when the sound reaches your ears at the listening positions. Typically, the listening distance is a minimum of 2.5 meters for smaller loudspeakers and 3 meters for larger loudspeakers in order to melt the drivers together as one source point of sound.



















DPA (Driver Phase Alignment)

In order to make a coherent sounding loudspeaker the loudspeaker drivers relative phase tracking must be as  close to zero as possible, not only at the cross-over frequency, but also at least 2-3 octaves below and above the cross-over frequency.


Left is an example of a typical competitor’s loudspeaker relative individual driver phase response and right, a loudspeaker using the DPA design principles.



















WDT (Wide Dispersion Technology)

HULGICHAUDIO loudspeakers use a “Wide Dispersion Technology”, where the drivers cross-over frequencies are carefully chosen to optimize each loudspeaker driver’s dispersion characteristics. This means not only to operate in the driver’s comfort zone and working range regarding e.g. distortion and cone break-ups in the passband, but also to use the driver within its dispersion limitations in order to avoid “beaming” issues.


A mid-range, mid-woofer or woofer starts “beaming” at a frequency having a wavelength equal to the diameter of the radiating cone. This means roughly 3300Hz for a 5” driver, 2800Hz for a 6” driver and 2000Hz for an 8” driver, but that’s only considering the on-axis frequency response.


In reality, beaming starts earlier at the off-axis frequency responses and the loudspeaker cross-over point has to be chosen lower than the above frequency examples in order to avoid off-axis beaming and to avoid frequency response suck outs at higher off-axis angles.


The WDT ensures a smooth off-axis response behavior without suck outs over wide angle between 0-60 degrees and with an even acoustic power response.

















By using the CST (Coherent Sound Technology) and its technology features HULGICHAUDIO speakers has a very refined sound with a pin point imaging and a large soundstage including depth, width and height. The sweet spot is very large and the soundstage never collapses, regardless if you are sitting down, standing up or moving around in the room.





ICCT (Impedance Correction Circuit Technology)

For those who prefer using tube amplifiers, the HULGICHAUDIO loudspeakers can optional be fitted with an “Impedance Correction Circuit”. This ensures a smooth and linear impedance response and gives optimal conditions for tube amplifiers to run the loudspeaker (blue line in the picture below).


The ICCT circuit can be purchased at order or added to an existing loudspeaker at a later time by connecting it to the loudspeaker binding posts.


For other types of amplification technologies like e.g. class A, A/B, D and T, this ICCT circuit isn’t needed, but can be used and it doesn’t change the sound or performance of the loudspeaker.



















NRX (Norex Coated Paper Cone)

The HULGICHAUDIO loudspeakers use woofers, mid-woofers and mid-ranges with a Norex paper cone with a special coating (Egyptian papyrus and long fibers). This ensures a stiff cone without severe break-ups, distortions and a smooth elegant sound.


The NRX drivers used in HULGICHAUDIO loudspeakers has the following advanced features:


  • Vented cast aluminum chassis for optimum strength and low compression
  • Proprietary cone material with natural fibers
  • Soft low damping rubber surround for transient response
  • Non-conducting fiber glass voice coil former for minimum damping
  • Extended copper sleeve on pole piece for low inductance and low distortion
  • Shorting ring in motor system for reduced distortion
  • CCAW voice coil for reduced moving mass
  • Long life silver lead wires
  • Vented pole piece for reduced compression















DDT (Dimple Dome Technology)

HULGICHAUDIO loudspeaker uses a “Ring Radiator” type of tweeter with “Dimple Dome Technology”.

The “Dimple Dome” looks like it has been poked by a child, but is actually a sort of inverted phase-plug which ensures a smooth and linear frequency response, not only on-axis, but off-axis as well. The tweeter is a low distorting design with an on-axis frequency extension up to well above 30kHz, which is truly amazing for a tweeter of this size.


The tweeter used in HULGICHAUDIO loudspeakers has the following features:


  • Non-resonant diaphragm design for minimum high frequency break-up
  • Dual balanced compression chamber for improved dynamics
  • Copper cap for reduced voice coil inductance and minimum phase shift
  • Saturation controlled motor system for low distortion
  • Non-reflective rear chamber with optimized damping for improved dynamics
  • Flow optimized vented pole piece for optimum coupling to rear chamber
  • CCAW voice coil for low moving mass
  • Long life silver lead wires
  • Low resonance frequency for extended range



The more expensive and advanced tweeter in the Ella MkII loudspeaker also has the additional features:


  • Two part aluminium black faceplate with integrated mechanical decoupling
  • Dual copper caps for absolute minimum voice coil inductance and minimum phase shift
  • Saturation controlled motor system with T-shaped pole piece for lower distortion















These tweeters use state of the art technology and are among the very best tweeters available on the market.

This ensures an enjoyable, natural, smooth and non-fatiguing listening experience!


Listening to a HULGICHAUDIO loudspeaker with its unique performance characteristics is truly an emotional experience!




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