The Serenade is the speaker of choice for difficult listening environments.  The pair is designed specifically for use in near-boundary situations, nonetheless boasting the same dynamics, soundstage width and depth, and harmonic expression as our larger, floorstanding loudspeakers.


These loudspeakers provide a high degree of control over an extensive frequency range.  They create a precise soundstage and eloquent bass performance from a stand-mount cabinet and can be effortlessly enjoyed for long periods at low or high volume levels.


These two way mid-size loudspeakers offer the listener an incredible sonic experience.


Valve amplifiers

For those with tube amplifiers, we have designed an optional impedance correction circuit which makes the impedance more linear and valve amplifier friendly.


The impedance circuit can be purchased for $350 the pair, or they can be added to the existing speaker crossovers for an extra $150.





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