Following the success of our Serenade stand-mount Loudspeakers, we challenged ourselves to develop a new model which retains the same sonic characteristics as the Serenade, but with a much larger overall presentation.


After months of development, we’re pleased to announce the Maestro loudspeaker, a new 2 ½ way floor-standing loudspeaker which uses the same drivers as the Serenade.


This new configuration allows us to increase the overall system sensitivity of the speaker to 90db which is also ideal for those with low wattage amplification.


With two identical 6" midwoofer drivers, the effective radiation surface has been increased so that it surpasses that of a single 8" speaker. This allows the midwoofers to reproduce low frequencies with ease.


Another benefit is that this also minimises distortion at high volume and ensures the same tonal character throughout the frequency range which ensures the listening experience is truly authentic.


The Maestro cabinets have been designed with two identical internal chambers for each midwoofer driver. This allows more versatility for fine tuning the speakers to the listening room with the ability to close one or both ports if required.


As a great conductor, the Maestro’s have the ability to command the most demanding pieces of music with grace and elegance. Their precise bass, mid-range naturalness and crystal-clear highs, combined with very low distortion and obsessive phase alignment between drivers, the Maestro model offers the listener an accurate, and palpable timbre reproduction.


The Maestro loudspeaker has been optimised for a listening distance of 2.5 meters but in our testing, we discovered it is very forgiving and friendly to rooms of all sizes.


The elegant, timeless look of this model, together with the possibility of choosing its finish, allows the Maestro model to adapt to a great variety of home decorations.


Valve amplifiers

For those with tube amplifiers, we have designed an optional impedance correction circuit which makes the impedance more linear and valve amplifier friendly.


The impedance circuit can be purchased for $350 the pair, or they can be added to the existing speaker crossovers for an extra $150.



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