Speaker cable

When we developed our speakers, one of our objectives was to find those components that can interact in a harmonious and natural way which will guarantee the most lifelike audio reproduction possible.


In this obsessive search for aural nirvana, a lot of materials and components were discarded, including connectors and cables.


Of all the materials tested, silver plated copper was the material that we finally selected for our cables. It was the material that gave us the sound characteristics that we were looking for.


So good was the end result, that we knew we should do something beyond its use as the internal wiring within our speakers themselves.


For this reason, we further developed and created the FTM speaker cables. It is a cable that extends and guarantees the same sound quality from the audio system to the speakers.


FTM stands for "Feel The Music", which represents its main characteristic: that of disappearing and transmitting only sensations.


The FTM Cable offers a very involving, non-fatiguing experience which encourages a complete immersion in the music. With incredible detail, you perceive a naturalness not heard before in your system.


Bass is better defined, and midrange and highs are elevated with improved clarity, dynamics, and spaciousness.


The FTM cables acoustic virtues are undeniable and we are very proud to present them as our newest product in our high-end product line-up.



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