The Ella MKII has been precisely designed for listeners who are looking for a medium-sized loudspeaker capable of reproducing the full-frequency audio range.


They offer a dynamic contrast and harmonic expression similar to larger systems but within a smaller footprint.


The development of the Maestro model pushed us to rethink our previous Ella model, which while very refined speaker, came up short in the soundstage reproduction compared to the new Maestro.


For that reason, we kicked the board and decided to design a completely new 3-way loudspeaker. One of the design criteria was to produce a bigger sound, and to achieve this we decided to replace all the drivers used in our previous model with larger drivers. We knew we could improve the midrange presentation and extend the lower frequencies.


At the same time, we wanted a speaker that can fit in between the Maestro model and the flagship Astor in terms of audio reproduction, soundstage, external dimensions and aesthetic.


With the Ella MK2, we have surpassed our goal. It possesses a unique blend of audio quality, precision stereo image and craftsmanship, which results in a consistent, faithful and neutral sound reproduction.


Their effortless dynamics, harmonic detail and transparency simply takes you to a place where you only hear music in the most realistic and natural way.


The sound stage presented by the Ella MK2 can easily outperform many of today's state-of-the-art systems regardless of their price tag and dimensions.


Valve amplifiers

For those with tube amplifiers, we have designed an optional impedance correction circuit which makes the impedance more linear and valve amplifier friendly.


The impedance circuit can be purchased for $350 the pair, or they can be added to the existing speaker crossovers for an extra $150.


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