About us

There are two things about which I remain deeply passionate:

music and industrial design.


My passion for music started at an early age in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Jazz and Tango were beloved by my parents and grandparents.  The regular presence of their melodies and rhythms in our home made me appreciate the role of music in communicating emotion and moving people.


I went on to earn my degree in industrial design from the University of Buenos Aires. However, in the beautiful expanse of Australia, I realized I had found my place in the world.  And so from our base in Adelaide, I decided to pursue my long-held dream of combining my expertise in industrial design with my passion for music.


It all began as a hobby in 2010.  Göran Niréus of AudioExcite Loudspeaker Design, undoubtedly one of the best loudspeaker designers in the world with some +30 years of experience, became the technical engineering consultant for all of our models.  In addition to his profound passion for measurements, he has the talent and experience to bring the best out of each component and together, make them reproduce music as authentically as possible.


The result is the HULGICHAUDIO Collection:  passionately designed by me and painstakingly hand constructed by our team for you.  Our loudspeakers simultaneously deliver sublime sound reproduction and visual elegance.


During my many years of testing and development, I searched for and have incorporated into our loudspeakers the most natural and realistic reproduction of sound you will ever find.  They provide the best possible combination of low distortion drivers in conjunction with a specific cabinet design and the use of a quality measuring system that can precisely validate the correct integration.


Moreover, loudspeakers occupy physical space in your home or office, so in effect, they also function as furniture.  For this reason, the exteriors of our models may be customized to your taste and the aesthetic requirements of the interior in which you are planning to place them.


Finally, as a provider of high quality audio systems, HULGICHAUDIO deeply appreciates the importance of the local development and construction of its products. Accordingly, our products will always be locally made and so will directly support the Australian economy.


Nicolas Hulgich



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